A Nationwide Service for Property Managers

by : E-renter

E-Renter USA Ltd is a Consumer Reporting Agency, serving property managers, landlords and real estate investors for over four years. E-Renter offers Tenant Screening, Rental Credit Check, and Background Check services needed to meet the challenges of today's Real estate market or any other business sector. Our full-service, hands-on approach to tenant and employee screening draws on the expertise of our staff of dedicated professionals. A strong commitment to excellence has helped E-Renter become a leader in the field, and has won praise from our diverse group of clients. In fact, E-Renter was awarded the Certificate of Excellence by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) as the '2006 Winner of the Western Washington Better Business Bureau innovative Business Practices Award'.
Our nationwide services allow our clients to relax with the knowledge that their rental property is in safe hands, is well-managed and their return is maximized. Similarly, our pre-employment background checks are as effective with large offices as they are with smaller businesses of all sizes. Wherever you are in the United States, E-Renter services are targeted and result-oriented. We identify prospective candidates for your company or property and approach them directly. All our investigative activities are geared towards identifying the best possible tenant for you or the most capable employee to take your business from one success to the other. The entire process is cost-effective!
E-Renter provides extensive and significant coverage as far as evaluating your prospective residential tenants or employees are concerned. Specifically, we use our search records compiled from 38 states to return felonies, misdemeanors, traffic violations, sex offenders and incarcerations, bankruptcies, judgments, liens, credit limits, payment patterns, reported employment and evictions records search of all 50 states and more! We conduct the broadest possible searches to provide you the most comprehensive details about your prospective tenants or employees, at whatever level of confidentiality you require.

The Nationwide tenant screening services at E-Renter include Name and Address Identity, Social Security Number Identification, Previous Name and Address, Birth Date, Employment History, Public Records and Civil Judgments, Consumer Trade Report, Payment and Loan History, Previous and Current Credit Information. In addition, free customer support 7 days a week is a cherry on the cake!

Property managers can use the E-Renter online access to order and review reports. This service demands no monthly fees, no minimum billing amounts, and no annual fees. You only pay for the reports you order! The following reports can be yours in a matter of seconds-
Ã?â‚??Consumer Credit Report
Ã?â‚??Criminal Records Search
Ã?â‚??Eviction History
Ã?â‚??ID Verification
Ã?â‚??Business Credit Reports
In today's complex world- wrought with crime and distrust, you need the representation of a professional Consumer Reporting Agency that places your interests first. We would like the opportunity to put our experience to work for you. E-Renter can help you! Please visit www.E-Renter.com for more information.