Factors Affecting the Home Offer Price

by : Ron Victor

When the buyer and seller decided to buy or sell a home property in the market, at first they carry on with a price consideration for the house property. But there are many factors which will affect the value or price consideration of your house property. There are more factors that will affect the offer price of the house property.

Property Condition

When the buyer has experience in searching the house property in which is he is interested in, he should know the condition of the house property. Property condition is also considered as a factor which affects the value of the home property. When the buyer estimates the value and condition of the home property, the buyer has to consider many things. The buyer has to note important structural condition like paints, floor covering, walls, ceilings, floors, doors and windows. Show special attention on the plumbing, electricity work, repairs, bathrooms, and kitchen and so on. Fixtures, light switches, doorknobs and yards should be considered properly. Choose the right agent to represent you, since they provide insight key assistance.

Home Improvements

When comparing the exact model matches within the track, note whether the previous owner have made any substantial improvements. Consider the major improvements which should be taken in to account. Home improvements are also considered as the most important factor for which affects the offer price. The other improvements like room addition, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and yards should carefully overviewed by paying full attention. Other items like floor tiles, swimming pools should be taken in to account.

Market Conditions

Sometimes the hot market is said to be the seller market. In the seller market, properties will be sold quickly as soon as it has been listed and multiple offers will made to the saleable home. The house will be sold even above the asking price. The slow market is the buyer market. In the buyer market the home property may get weaker on the market for sometime and the offer may be few and far between. Prices may even decline or go up in the market either temporarily. This market condition will make you more flexible in offering the low price for the market. When the offer price made by you is very low, the seller will likely to make some sort of counter offer to the buyer and completes the negotiation quickly. Market condition will plays a major role in affecting the offer price of your purchase or sale.

Sometimes the market will be stable or in evolution. When the market is said to be the steady market, then there is no need of applying the real rules while making the offer. You can make the offer on high or very low range. You can find a house with multiple offers made by others. Transition market is difficult to estimate, because they have more fluctuation in the market. It is difficult for every one or any one to predict the market, that at what time the prices of the market will be up and down.

Seller Motivation

Seller motivation is also the major factor which affects the offer price made by the buyer. Motivated seller is one who bought his or her home in the new area. Due to family emergency also the seller complete the house sale quickly. Seller motivation also influences the value of the home property.

Final Decision

The comparable sale information will help the buyer to determine the base price range for the particular home property. In addition to the other factors like property condition, improvements, market conditions and seller motivation will help to determine the price whether to be upper or lower. Sometimes the reasonable price is considered as the out price of the price range. The fair price will be the price agreed by the buyer at the end of the transaction with the seller. The prices offered by the buyer at the time of starting the deal, will depends on the interest of the buyer. Though the agent provides the more guidance and advice to the buyer, it is up to the decision of the buyer.