The Role of a Listing Agent

by : Tyler Fawcett

In todays real estate market, two distinct types of agents have emerged; the buyer's agent and the listing agent. The typical image of an agent is of the buyer's agent. This is an agent who concerns themselves with assisting a client in buying a new home. The listing agent, conversely is an agent who specializes in the art of preparing and selling a home.

The primary objective of a listing agent is in the intelligent marketing of the homes that they are offering for sale on the local real estate market. This process goes far beyond putting up a sign and hoping that some interest is piqued. In fact the posting of the sign is merely the start of a long and involved process. Where the buyer's agent deals mainly with prospective home buyers, the listing agent concerns themselves with the marketing of a home to other agents. By this act, a listing agent can create interest in their listing with numerous other professionals and as such, bring more prospective buyers to the home in question.

In order to do this the listing agent utilizes a vast repertoire of experience and sales tactics to stir up interest. The most visual and widespread of these elements is their web site. A good listing agent will use the latest in internet technology to market a home to as vast an audience as possible. This part of the marketing plan is vital to the success of a home sale as it will also list the home on the area's MLS service. Once the home is listed, the process of bringing buyers to the home begins. This is a step that has several facets, including open houses, local newspaper marketing, networking with buyer's agents in the community, and utilizing a system of referrals on a nationwide basis. This step also involves the Office & Broker previews where the home is shown to other agents in the same office, and to all members of the local MLS. This includes agents from other real estate firms that conduct business in the same area.

For these reasons it is a good idea to employ the services of a listing agent in the sale of a home. The listing agent is capable and trained in the art of procuring as much attention for a home as they can. If you are looking to realize the highest possible profit in the sale of your home, a listing agent is a necessity.