Obstacles To Overcome In The For Sale By Owner Process

by : Geri Mason

Most homeowners have little knowledge about the home selling process.

Follow these tips to help you sell your home:

When you decide to sell your home sans a real estate agent, or for sale by owner, you take on the responsibility of attending to every facet of the home selling process.

Knowing the possible obstacles will help prepare you for the process ahead of you.

Setting a selling asking price. The selling price is can be one of the most attractive (or unattractive) features of your home. Many for sale by owner sellers unwisely set their home price based on what they believe the home is worth.

In many cases, this price doesn't truly reflect the value of the hoem. For sale by owner sellers should set their home price according to the market, not their personal beliefs of the home's worth.

Not being familiar with the home selling process. Few homeowners are truly aware of how to sell a home. The process consists of a lot more than putting a sign in the front yard and signing over the deed the property.

The for sale by owner seller's lack of education can prove to be a tough hurdle to overcome in the for sale by owner transaction. Sellers are best served by educating themselves as much as possible on selling a home.

Managing your time to answer and return phone calls and showing the home.

Buyers will not feel the liberty to discuss shortcomings or disadvantages of a for sale by owner home. Try to be as objective about your home as you would if it were not even your home. It will be impossible for you to overcome the fears of buyers if they are not comfortable voicing their fears. Create an impression of openness and don't overreact if a buyer expresses dislike in some aspect of the home.

Negotiating with buyers. It is likely that you will work with buyers who are specific in their wants from a home. Your goal is to find a place where both your needs and the buyer's needs are met. Negotiating is a key skill in the for sale by owner home selling process. Reading books and literature on negotiating will prove helpful.

Buyers who get cold feet after signing the sales contract. Once the sales contract is signed, it doesn't mean the for sale by owner process is complete. Many buyers start wondering if they made the right decision as this point in the housing transaction. Some look for ways to sabotage the deal because they are fearful of committing. Try to stay positive until the end and continue to work to meet your buyer's reasonable requests.