Gurgaon - Reaping Profits in Real Estate

by : Larry Jone

The real estate growth has seen a new dimension in India. There has been stupendous growth which is very much visible in metros and big cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune etc. A lot of money is being invested in real estate projects by various developers all over the country. In the whole process, the customers are the real gainers as they get quality homes and commercial spaces at affordable prices.

The increasing purchasing power of people in big cities is one of the major factors that have promoted real estate growth. The purchasing power has gone up remarkably due to availability of ample job opportunities in IT and IT-enabled industry. Gurgaon, one of the suburbs of Delhi, has seen an incredible growth in realty market world in similar fashion.

Gurgaon has provided great returns to the people who have purchased property here at the right time. As far as residential properties are concerned, People who have bought home whether it is a flat or luxury have got good returns. Quality homes are always available for sale in Gurgaon as there is rapid development going on in the region. There is constant support being provided by the government to develop the region and make it world competitive. Also, there are world class commercial spaces occupied by big corporate entities.

The return on investment in realty sector is amazing and is far better than other options like stocks, mutual funds and fixed deposits. The growth in real estate sector has been well supported by the home loan facilities made available by the banks and financial institutions. Everybody from individuals to corporate houses have availed the facility of housing loans to invest in properties.

With such a good return Gurgaon has become the investment destination whether it is the individuals or the big multinational companies from various sectors. has been successful in meeting the requirements of most of the aspirants who wanted to settle down there. The city is being developed on the lines on international standards. All efforts are being made to make it globally competitive in terms of infrastructure and facilities. The top most developers in the country and also the foreign players are investing huge amounts in to make this happen. There is no doubt Gurgaon has attracted huge investments from all over and has helped the government to fetch good amount of revenue.

The trends clearly show that just like Information & Technology, software and IT-enabled industry, today real estate sector has also become a profitable proposition. The cities like Gurgaon have lead the real estate revolution in the country and have created examples for others regions to follow.