Investing In Property In Belize - The Forgotten Treasure

by : Tem Pearson

Investing in property in Belize is a proposition that is often overlooked in favour of more mainstream locations such as France and Spain. Such an oversight suggests that potential real estate purchasers may be missing out on a wonderful lifestyle and a lifelong investment.

Belize is a Central American country that offers a wide variety of real estate options, from high-rise apartments to luxury detached family homes and from bustling cities to private islands; this country has it all.

Traditionally, investing in property in Belize has not been a hot favourite as it has very little in the way of regulation in the real estate market and has been relatively inaccessible, geographically. All of this is set to change and with it, the real estate market is likely to see the boom that analysts have been forecasting for several years.

Investing in property in Belize offers a wealth of opportunities that are not often found within a single country. The main city, Belize City in the north of the country, offers the type of cosmopolitan lifestyle that you would expect from a developed city. In demand are properties such as luxury apartments and homes that are suitable for young professionals.

As part of the expansion of this country, a new airport is under development, within the city perimeters, offering cheap and easy access to both the city and the country as a whole. Imminently, flights will be available from Europe and the US, offering tourists cheap and easy access to Belize.

This huge development in the infrastructure of the country means that investing in property in Belize is looking like a better option, by the day! The government has indicated that expansion at Belize City Airport should get under way by 2012.

Not only is Belize City on the rise, Belize has a range of other areas that are positively tantalising for investors and tourists alike. Jungle areas offer peace and tranquillity as well as warm weather, throughout the year, making it a popular location for those who are keen to capture a slice of paradise! Properties in these areas tend to be larger, with multiple bedrooms and often generous plots of land surrounding the property.

Infrastructure can be limited in the more remote parts, making holiday rentals less appealing; however, if you are after your personal idyll, then the jungle regions have beauty by the bucketful!

When it comes to paradise, Belize offers a second option for the beach lover. There are numerous islands surrounding the country, offering everything from state of the art beach resorts, to private retreats. Investors can purchase anything from beachside apartments on developed complexes, to an island all of their own.

No matter where you are looking to buy in Belize, or whatever the type of property you are interested in, one thing that Belize is almost guaranteed to offer is good value for money. Although property prices over the last 20 years have appreciated dramatically, those studying the country believe the best is yet to come.

With improved infrastructure and greater regulations providing increased security for those interested in investing in property in Belize, it seems that property prices in Belize are going to be on the up for some time to come.

With an increasingly buoyant property market and an enormous variety of properties and locations to choose from, there are very few people who can't see the wisdom of property investment in Belize.