Property in London: Something for Everyone

by : Martin Mcallister

London comprises one of the most popular property markets in Europe, let alone in the UK - and it's not hard to see why. Central London offers all the excitement of a big city, while the suburbs allow for a bit more peace and quiet whilst remaining close to the cosmopolitan offerings of the inner city. Furthermore, London offers some exceptional employment opportunities and higher salaries than any other part of the UK.

Property in central London is ideal for anyone seeking lively surroundings - with so many restaurants, bars, clubs, theatres and museums, it's impossible to get bored! Moreover, living in the city doesn't mean you'll be far from nature and wildlife: there are eight royal parks in London where residents can enjoy the green, open space and peaceful surroundings.

London's suburban properties are more suitable for those who want to be near the offerings of a large urban area, but would prefer to live somewhere a bit quieter. It's particularly common for families to acquire property in the suburbs of London, and those with children will find a wide selection of schools in and around the city, ranging from children's playgroups to sixth form colleges and universities.

Whether you're looking for property in an area which displays London's unique and thrilling mix of cultures, or are simply searching for a place that's fashionable yet serene, you're sure to find something to suit you in London. If you decide to live in the city's suburbs yet work in central London you'll have no problem commuting, since London is home to one of the most extensive public transport networks in the world. The London Underground, for example, serves the central part of the city and most suburbs to the north of the Thames river, while an extensive rail network serves suburbs to the south of the river. The London bus network also caters to local travellers, with a transport system running through the night.

Like many large cities, property prices in London represent a competitive seller's market. For this reason, it's important to research the market before you delve into it. If you're searching for property in London, rest assured that you'll find a number of outstanding resources to help you along the way. So, whether you're looking for a house or flat in the city, or a farm estate in the outskirts, a qualified estate agent can help you to locate the right property.