Durham, North Carolina: One Of The Most Beautiful Places To Live

by : Gabriel Adams

One of the most beautiful places to live in America is central North Carolina. Almost right in the center of North Carolina is the town of Durham. Durham has a population of about two hundred and fifty thousand people, but it still retains a small town feel. It is part of the Research Triangle and is also home to Duke and North Carolina Central Universities. If you are in the medical field, then Durham is definitely a place for you to look for a job, because it is known as the City of Medicine, USA. Healthcare is one of the major industries with more than three hundred medical and health-related companies and medical practices located there.

Another reason to move to Durham is that the community is very well educated and dedicated to research and development. Durham is located in the center of the Research Triangle that connects Duke, North Carolina, and North Carolina State Universities. Many major technology companies have setup operations in this area to capitalize on all of the wonderful talent located here. If you want to be part of something truly unique, then Durham might be the place for you to look for a job.

Now that you are thinking about moving to North Carolina, you are probably wondering what the housing market looks like in Durham. Right now the housing market in the Durham area is booming. Many houses are being built all of the time, and many more previously owned houses are on the market currently. The average home price is around $200,000, which is very affordable for this area, because the average yearly income is higher than many other towns in America. These houses are also not just an average cookie-cutter type house with a small yard. The houses in Durham are very unique and many of them are located on a large piece of land. If you would like a new challenge in life and a more peaceful area to take on that challenge, then Durham might be the place for you!