Top 5 Trends In Home Design And Upgrades

by : Real Estate Advisor

Home design trends keep changing from time to time. Trends that were in vogue yesterday are quickly replaced by new ones. If you are interested in updating your home or condo, check out these top 5 latest design trends.

A recent survey, conducted among 923 real estate agents, managing brokers and association executives by real estate writer Mark Nash, shows some surprising new trends in home decoration and remodeling and a significant shift from current ones. Here are the five latest home design trends.

1. Garages Can Have Style. Decked out, upscale garages have removed the image of grim and grease that is normally associated with them. Today's garages have undergone a complete reshaping as homeowners prefer modern garages equipped with numerous luxuries such as cabinet and storage systems, mini refrigerators, air conditioning and residential-looking flooring.

2. We All Need Personal Space. Another trend that has evolved is the creation of personal space in homes. The amenity of a private and dedicated space for each one in the home is becoming popular these days with even couples wanting space to spend some time alone occasionally.

3. Relax. relax...relax...A separate one-stop zone for relaxation is the third new trend in homes. These tranquility rooms are meant for a variety of relaxation and fitness activities such as yoga, meditation, exercising, steam baths, etc.

4. Spend More Time Outside. Many people in colder climates are now converting outdoor spaces into heated "warm zones." Examples of these zones include heated patios, walkways and driveways. This makes winter maintenance easy and spring and fall more enjoyable.

5. No More Snoring. And finally the problem of sleeping with snoring partners and others seems to have been solved with another of the latest home trends. People are attaching master bedrooms today with an additional room that serves as a 'snoring room'. Instead of heading for an uncomfortable couch, now snoring sleepers can find their way toward a much more comfortable sleeping quarter. A typical bedroom for snorers is equipped with a double bed and chair, with easy access to the amenities of the master suite.

While these features dominate the current home design trends, some of yesterday's trends are on their way out. Among trends that are losing ground are spiral staircases, bamboo floors and laminate flooring that looks like hardwood. Spiral staircases are unfriendly for elders, pets and young children; bamboo floors have been found to be scratch-prone and laminated flooring is often noisy.

Home sellers and real estate agents can use these latest home design trends to add more value and appeal to a home, condo or any other type of residential real estate before putting the property on the market for sale. A home with fashionable designs and features can easily attract trendy home buyers, and may increase the value of your property.