Retiring Overseas - Should you Consider This Option?

by : Sacha Tarkovsky

Today, more people than ever are considering retiring overseas.

The cheapness of travel and the prospect of a cheaper and in many cases better standard of living is seeing it as an option more people than ever are considering.

So should you consider retiring abroad? Let's look at some points to consider and see.

For our example of retiring overseas, we are going to look at Costa Rica, which is one of the most popular destinations for Americans.

1. Geographical location

For Americans Central America is close by (just a few hours direct flight from the US), and flights are inexpensive and frequent.

This means, you can gain a higher standard of living than your home country, but you are still be close to home. Costa Rica flying time from the southern US is not much different than flying from Florida to New York in time.

Costa Rica presents both a close place to retire overseas, offers a cheaper way of life with all the comforts of home.

2. Lifestyle

The real reason for retiring abroad is to get a cheaper and better lifestyle and Costa Rica certainly offers this.

Property is up to 70% cheaper in Costa Rica than in the US Southern states.

Retiring abroad in Costa Rica on a pension of around $2,500 a month will buy you a comfortable lifestyle.

3. The Retirement You Deserve

Retirement is all about relaxation and having the time of your life.

Instead of crowded cities, crime, graffiti, pollution, inflation traffic jams, living in Costa Rica offers:
Pristine beaches, rolling hills, rainforest, volcanoes, lots of diverse wild life and a slower and gentler way of life with an absence of crime.

You wil alsol feel at home

There are plenty of foreigners just like you who have retired overseas so you will feel at home.

5. Amenities and infrastructure

Costa Rica has modern communications, lots of entertainment, nightlife and shopping with the world's top brands all available.

If you like golf, this is a golfer's paradise, fancy some fishing its world class or maybe just a trek through beautiful countryside? The list is endless.

5. Costa Rica Is Stable

Costa Rica is popular with people (from the US, Canada and Europe) as the economy is booming, the country is modern and safe, and the government makes it easy for foreigners to settle.

Many people are considering retiring overseas because they can't keep up the same lifestyle at home.
Fact is many people have not saved enough are living longer and having to cope with less government support and inflation.

For many the only way to preserve their lifestyle is to retire overseas. Many people are wary of doing so because they feel it will be too much of a culture shock.

Costa Rica offers an ideal place simply because it's so close and the number of foreigners living there is large.

This means if you retire here you wont feel lonely have all the comforts of home and be just a few hours
flight from your loved ones.

If you are considering retiring overseas consider Costa Rica and enjoy your retirement in one of the most beautiful countries on earth.