How to Make Gains When Risks are Low

by : Sacha Tarkovsky

Buying cheap property in the right location can provide you with up to triple digit annual gains and in the right location it can be done with low risk

So if you want to build serious wealth from cheap property for sale, follow the tips below and make money fast.

1. Buy Booming Overseas Markets

Property is cheaper and growth potential is better than in the established economies of North America and Western Europe.

2. Look for a track record

Not one that could turn out to be the next property "hot spot" go for one that is already established and is showing great year on year gains, is stable and where future demand will remain strong

A good country is Costa Rica.

Just 3 hours from the US and cheap property for sale can be bought at up to 70% cheaper than in North America.

For example, buyers that purchased $30,000 of property near the town of Jaco 15 years ago have seen their cheap property for sale increase in value to up to $750,000 today.

3. Look to the future

This means looking to buy cheap property for sale in a country that has an increasing amount of investment and Costa Rica has this trend.

It's the number one choice for Americans looking for ocean view property condos, second or retirement homes

The market will continue to expand and property values will increase in value as it's seen as a safe investment and the large expat community by its very nature will attract more and more overseas buyers.

4. Ease of investment and security.

In Costa Rica you get a stable democratic country that encourages foreign investment. You get the same rights as residents, property tax is low and your investment can be very tax efficient.

5. Location

Don't buy the cheapest property you can find but buy as cheaply as you can near expanding and booming towns or emerging infrastructure.

Look for new developments being built such as highways, hotels, golf courses airports and marina's Which when their completed will mean your cheap property for sale will increase in value as more people move in to take advantages of these changes.

The above tips are common sense.

When investing in cheap property for sale make sure you don't simply buy because a property is cheap.

There is plenty of cheap property in Haiti and one day it may increase in value but don't take the risk play safe.

Stick with overseas markets that offer cheap property for sale that gives you good value, low risk and high capital gains potential.

As we have said is Costa Rica and one of the best countries to buy in for value for money and capital gains potential. A good area to buy in is the central pacific coast near the popular resort of Jaco.

Cheap property for sale in Costa Rica is one real estate investment that could make you very rich. Check it out for yourself and see!