Discover Website Answers Your Boating Questions

by : News Canada

(NC)-lt's spring! Every year at this time, a lot of people think boating might be a great family activity for them, but don't know where to start. Now there's a website that answers your questions about boating and might be just your ticket to getting out on the water.

The "" website helps you through the decision-making process to determine whether you should buy a boat. The questions they ask are probably things you've wondered about yourself - what's involved in buying a boat? What will it cost and how expensive is it to maintain? What kind of financing alternatives are available? How do I learn to drive a boat? What do we need to know about water safety? "" goes over every issue related to boat buying and ownership.

Research conducted by the Canadian Marine Manufacturers Association (CMMA), representing Canada's boat, motor and accessory companies, has found that thousands of Canadians are interested in boating, but do not know where to learn about it. A survey conducted by a national polling firm on behalf of the CMMA found that 19% of Canadians describe themselves as potential boat owners. To meet this need, the CMMA, in conjunction with several regional boating associations, has created a website called "" for consumers who have never owned a boat.

Buying a boat is a fantastic investment in family recreation and it's more affordable than you may think. Surveys indicate most people who don't own boats believe prices are 30% or higher than they actually are. In fact, it costs less to buy and operate a boat than most people would think.

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