A Better Place to Live in .

by : Michaelle Sui

India has been emerging as a country of multinationals and plethora of jobs. Talents from distant part of the world as well as from within the country come to metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Gurgaon to work according to their skills and preferences. However it is never easy to find a house on rent for these professionals in a strange and new city where they hardly know the A B C of the areas and societies.

These professionals end up taking houses on higher rents with bare minimum of facilities and minimum of security offered. This not only imposes a discomfort on the lives of these new comers to a new place but also ruins them economically. To avoid any such kind of a situation these professionals take help of who in turn offers them higher rent rates and hence a big burden on their pockets.

To combat against this kind of unbearable situations companies have come up with employee benefit scheme whereby employees are offered an according to the requirements of the individual. These companies in turn provide their employees the basic amenities like Air conditioner, Refrigerator, Television, furniture and of course a cozy house to live in.

According to the deal with the house owner these companies at the first go put forward their requirements in terms of house specification, furniture required, other basic amenities like water and electricity supply and security obsereved.Then the house is offered to their employees who in turn pay the rent amount to their respective companies.

For a corporate deal companies might sign a lease agreement ranging from a minimum period of 11 months .Accordingly the property owner puts forward his demands in term of rent amount, the due date on which the rent has to be paid and the time period after which the rent has to be increased.

Depending on all the terms and conditions a lease agreement between a company and property owner is signed. Corporate deal is beneficial for both land lord and tenant and the tenant gets all the facilities on a considerably less price and the land lord is secure on his part because of the authenticity of company and the contract letter in his hands.

A lot of web sites are providing services regarding corporate renting through which one can easily find a better place to live in. At the same time it is always advised to have discussed about the company accommodation policy with the company professionals before shifting to a new city.