by : Rajinder Dogra

Surat Special Economic Zone was established in 1st November 2000and is the first and so far only SEZ in non-Govt.sector in operating form in the country. Chances have placed it to remain so for the next 4 years.

SURSEZ is located in Surat city with respect to communication and logistics is highly favorable. It is next to Sachin railway station and is within 25 minutes by road to the National Highway, Magdella seaport and Surat airport. Mumbai is just 3? hours journey by train. Telecommunication system is good.

The Zone and the unit-owners therein, enjoy effective and efficient patronage and support of the Developers who being in private sector have the ability to take on the spot decisions and for whom this Zone is the most prestigious project. The success of the Zone is their success and vice-versa and hence, their full commitment is guaranteed.

For the effective management of the Zone there is a team of professional managers headed by the Chief Executive Officer in the Zone. SURSEZ has got full-fledged office to render all possible help to the prospective unit holder.

SURSEZ is an operational Zone with infrastructure like roads, water supply, drainage, power supply etc. already in position over a major part of the Zone. For the remaining, process is on for completion. Around 50 units are in operation, 161 more units got approval (as on 31.3.2004) Exports in first 4 years is more than Rs 1600 Crores.

SURSEZ has open developed plots for entrepreneurs to set up their units. It has also ready buildings to be given on long-term lease or rental.

Already, a large number of units are operating. They are in various types of activities - diamond cutting and polishing, jewellery manufacturing, textile machinery, etc. Then, there are large numbers of units in the process of being set up. Trading units in big numbers are also operating and many more are in the process to commence their business. The export performance from the Zone has been already rate excellent. Rs.862 crores exports have been recorded during the last financial year (2003-04). SURSEZ is the main strategic business unit of Diamond and Gem Development Corporation Limited (DGDC).

The organization is endowed with multi-faceted characteristics. Mr.S.N.Sharma, Chairman and Managing Director of the group is strongly supported by experienced pillars in their respective fields. The organization practices customer orientation at every stage and at all times. The organization structure defines the functional responsibilities of Managerial, Technical and non-technical resources.

Surat Special Economic Zone is a multi product zone. All types of non polluting industries are welcome to set up units in Zone. A Manufacturing, Trading and Service unit can be set up in the zone. At present more than 100 units are operating and exporting to various countries all across the globe. Major categories of units in operation are from Textiles, Garments, Made ups (pillows, quilts, bed sheets, etc), IT Hardware, Engineering Goods, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Gems & Jewellery, Diamond, Tobacco, etc.

Various industries are flourishing because of the location advantages, Cost effective peaceful industrial friendly labor available in abundance for all industrial sectors and excellent infrastructure provided in the Zone.

Since the Special Economic Zone is still at an infant stage, every one is to be trained. Realizing the importance, the organization recruits professionals and intensive training facilities are extended to every one in the areas of policies, incentives, customer relations and time management. In short, the whole team is constantly forging ahead in order to reach excellence in its mission.

Supporting facilities are given special attention. For example: Off-shore Banking Units are in the process of being set up .For Gold Supply to jewellery manufacturers, MMTC has an operating unit. A Jewellery Training Centre is set up, is to provide trained artisans to jewellery units.

SURSEZ also is conscious of the social life of the people. For that, there is an English-medium School. Shopping Complex and residential houses are already in position. Club and other social amenities are in the process of being set up.

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