Why Dordogne?

by : David Seymour

Dordogne was created during the French Revolution in 1790, from the former province of Perigord. It was one of the 83 original departments or areas. It is one of the most beautiful and historic areas in France and is set within the historic region known as Aquitaine.

If you love architecture and enjoy living in an area where medieval architecture is a part of life, then look no further. comes in all shapes and sizes, but because of the size of the area and its past, you are far more likely to find an older property just awaiting your renovation skills. The area is steeped in history, and this is reflected in the stunning architecture prevalent throughout the whole of the region.

As tourists to France will already know, this area is jam packed with castles. It is said there are more than one thousand castles including Castelnaud-la-Chapelle, Beynac, Biron and Bourdeilles.

If you are visiting the area as a tourist, prior to tracking down your dream home, then there is plenty to see and do in Dordogne. This area is one of the most popular area for tourists and there is an insatiable demand for tourist accommodation.

Perhaps your dream is to buy a magnificent country house and turn it into an up-market guest house? There is plenty of choice when it comes to different types of property to renovate. Maybe you are searching for a dilapidated barn to turn into a superior type of holiday accommodation? Or perhaps you are seeking the ideal retirement home for you and your family. Look no further, Dordogne really does have it all. As a bonus, this area is easily reached from the UK, so you need never worry about not being able to get back to the UK periodically.

When you visit this area as a tourist, as part of your research, make sure you see the famous caves of Lascaux. These are quite stunning and well worth visiting. Perigeaux has important Roman ruins, including an arena which is incredibly still visible. It is located inside a public park near the town centre.

The north east of the Dordogne is full of lush rolling hills, forests and even prairies. It is often referred to as "Le Perigord Vert". The Limestone plateaus in the centre of the region are referred to as "le Perigord Blanc".

Whilst these regions have a great deal to offer both tourist and resident alike, the southeast Dordogne is probably the most popular part of the area and it is here that you will find many prehistoric sites, caves and many castles. This is the ideal place to appreciate some of France's most stunning medieval architecture.

One of the most interesting and picturesque chateau is Bourdeilles. This medieval chateau was built to receive Catherine de Medici. But when her visit was cancelled building works stopped. Despite being unfinished, this fine castle still dominates the town.

As a relatively unknown, but nevertheless enchanting region in the south west of France, the Dordogne (or as the locals call it the Perigord), really does offer a wonderful diversity of property. The wise purchaser of really does get to know the area and what better way to do this than visit for three or four weeks as a tourist?