Bordeaux - a Place for Property Investment

by : David Seymour

Bordeaux is one of Europe's finest cities to live and work in. It is sill unarguably the wine capital of the world and rests as a cultural centre dominating South West France. It is therefore of little surprise that one can also find some wonderful and investments in this corner of France.

Located less than an hour from the Atlantic coast and the chic resort of Arcachon with it well-known marina, a little over two hours from the Spanish border and about the same from the mountain ski resorts in the Pyrenees, Bordeaux offers a fantastic and attractive place to live and a vibrant life style. Bordeaux can say with some pride that it is a city that works but also one that is a pleasure to live in.

Bordeaux has not lost its splendor in the modern age, displaying a fine number of historically recognized monuments and highly ornate gothic cathedrals with their towering spires. Many of which are lit up at night, displaying their beauty and creating a desirable ambience across the city. Three of the monuments in Bordeaux are also honored and justly so, as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

With magnificent 18th century buildings distinguished by their classical facades and grand squares (one of them is perhaps the largest in Western Europe), Bordeaux is very much a living city, offering a modern infrastructure and transport system to its inhabitants - it has been unafraid of change. As such, Bordeaux remains in renaissance with major investments recently made in a new tram system, high speed internet, cycle ways and a complete renovation of the docks and quaysides along the river Garonne. The city now buzzes with bars, restaurants, cafes, chic boutiques and a highly recommendable nightlife. And as a result, the rejuvenation has produced an attractive market for investors with double-digit gains in Bordeaux property prices for the last 5 years.

With a far-sighted program of redevelopment, the River Garonne is once again incorporated into the heart of the city. It no longer acts as an economic barrier between the right and left banks of the river. The quays on both sides of the river have become the setting for such noteworthy events as the FÃ?te du Fleuve (River Festival) and FÃ?te le Vin (Wine Festival). Furthermore, major cruise liners with eager tourists regularly dock at the Port de la Lune, right in the heart of Bordeaux.

Bordeaux is twinned with ten large cities, notably; Munich, Bristol, Madrid and Porto. The city has taken its place on the international stage and has become a major venue for conferences and trade fairs. Moreover, Bordeaux has become a place of interest for property developers and those wishing to live in this vibrant city; a city that is a credit to its inhabitants who can be rightly proud of it.