Investing in property in India

by : Larry Jone

To have a secure and well-performing asset we need to examine the returns offered by various types of investments in the last 5 years. For years, financial advisors have been telling us not to invest more money in property if we already owned your own home. According to these advisors, we should balance our investments in other financial products.

But if you were to follow the advice of many financial advisors, then news of ever spiraling property prices is not good news for you. One needs to invest in other properties in order to take advantage of the ever escalating price of property especially in the prime locations. Both the and are in high demands.

The returns offered by the property market in India often supersede the returns offered by other forms of investment especially in the long term. Buying a property entitles you to some tax benefits, which are really very high, especially when you have bought a property by taking a . At present there is a tax benefit of up to Rs 100,000 on the interest repayment of housing loan and up to Rs 20,000 on principal repayment of the housing loan.

While choosing a property, it is important to keep in mind the affordability. Every month when making the repayment for one's housing loan in the form of EMI (equated monthly installment), one increases the asset portion of the loan. There is always a chance of property value appreciation and one may end up with some capital gains. In most cases, the returns are quite high to beat the returns offered by fixed deposits or bonds over the long term.

So next time you are making any substantial investment do take a close look at the neighborhood property market.