Advantages of a Real Estate Agent

by : Fernando E Oliveira

A lot of people ask what the differences of buying a house from a real estate agent, or directly from the constructor or, from the owner.

In the real estate business, there are several people involved, and we should leave the constructor, right from the beginning, with the construction and nothing else.

In what concerns the owner, he should be left with his role as an owner and not as a salesman who makes is own price to the buyer, without any reference, and from whom the buyer, more often than not, buys at a higher price.

Today a real estate agent renders a series of services to the client, that guarantees:

-The price is fair, because the real estate agent is aware of the market

-Professional counselling, in order to make the best choice

-All the needed legal information for the purchase, or sale available

-Having the best information about financing for each particular situation and helping the buyer choose the cheapest financing available

-Handling the all the legal procedures, and safeguarding the buyer's interests

-That the buyer is not buying at a higher price

Because the purchase of a house is, for most people, the biggest investment of their lives, always turn to a real estate agent.