Hidden Secret Of Your Personality

by : Nilesh B Gore

Have you ever thought – your personality will be judged by the “how words you use" ?

Have you Ever thought – “Your words can affect hereditary process"? You will come to know most exclusive facts about yourself….. go ahead.

TAHC=P cycle >> it is stand for :- Thought > Action > Habit > Character = Personality.

As thought generated by mind- It commands to do an Action – An loop of action makes Habit- Continuous use of habit make changes in Character of us and character seems in the form of personality.

Mind is very mystic and provide two way programming for brain, Our thought are controlled by listening, writing, speaking. Our personality has power to affect next more than 100 generations by process of hereditary.

Now our vocabulary, it plays very Imp role in life. The words we speak shows the personality of a person. As I told before that mind provide two way programming that is our way of processing thoughts are controlled the way we speak & then the THAC cycle shows its color.

An Imp fact 4u that :- Words (vocabulary) are the tools, Speaking/talking is process to use that tools, better use of tools best the result. Now understand it scientifically > talking/speaking is a PSYCHO-NURAL-MUSCULAR activity which is a help-bridge and integrate the conscious and subconscious mind to distills- crystallize & clarifies the thoughts(THAC=P). The person who speak blunt always uses blunt words, in-fact persons mind gives command (subconsciously) to use blunt words.

There are synonyms and Antonym, Positive and negative. Listen, there is no much explanation how we use words but the following example will make understand everything. I just want to say that Vocabulary can be toxic if we use words in a improper way.


Don’t Fall the Bowl >> Hold the Bowl Tight. (Now imagine child is playing with bowl and suddenly her mom(elder) sees so and says “Don’t Fall the Bowl “ the child thinks mom is saying so because bowl is just about to fall and over a period of time he does so. The proper way was “Hold the Bowl Tight" , here child thinks a little carelessness will result in broken pieces so he holds tight. )

As far as parents concern to change child’s destiny apart form other aspect- parents vocabulary must be very positive-influencing & strong.

I’m Stubborn, I’m Stupid, I’m duffer, I Could, I couldn’t. and so on. Habit of speaking such words makes people so. Listen, it is very Interesting now, if a child did not received /listen the proper words during the childhood it is very difficult for such child to develop an +ve language. (few peoples who has high self-esteem are exceptional)

Eg >>>> during childhood, if parents are saying “you are useless" / “silly"/ “Can’t do a tiny work properly" and so on. After childhood the child thinks that my parents are right I’m “silly" and he(Subconscious) always acts in that way, coz he knows whatever he going to do will be termed as “silly". & develops such habits. Only self-Motivated peoples are exception about this.

Eg>>>>>>>>> See the difference how the person will act if choose betn A & B

A1] I’m very weak in maths B1] I’m building my maths

A1] don’t make mistakes B1] do it in right way.

A2] Don’t drive fast B2] Drive Safe.

A3] never join bad company B3] Choose right peoples

See the difference between A1 & B1. the person who programs himself by saying (a1) “I’m very weak in maths" will always have poor results in maths. In case of b1 - his mind keeps him reducing the mistakes & keeps building ability.

I hope now u have got an idea to use words properly i.e. “Mind your Language"

Here is Some more interesting for u( GRAMO-SCIENCE)

  • Would have - past tense that draws attention to things that didn't actually happen.

  • Should have - past tense that draws attention to things that didn't actually happen (and implies guilt)

  • Could have - past tense that draws attention to things that didn't actually happen, but the person tries to take credit as if it did happen .( Eg. I just Couldn’t make it)

  • Might - It does nothing definite. It leaves options for your listener

  • Can't/Don't - These words force the listener to focus on exactly the opposite of what you want. This is a classic mistake that parents and coaches make without knowing the damage of this linguistic error.


-- Fatal phrase: 'Don't drop the ball!' Likely result: Drops the ball -- Better language: 'Catch the ball!'

-- Toxic phrase: 'don't watch television.' Likely result: Watches more television.

Better language: 'I read that too much television makes people stupid. You may find yourself turning that TV off and picking up one of those books more often!'

I hope u understood everything clearly and will use proper words next time, U can make ur Gene-X more wiser than u. Always remember improper words= Improper(TAHC=P) proper words= proper personality. Always speak much in less words.

Use positive and right words and you’ll be unique and people likes and remembers Unique ones. This is how u can make habit of using right and +ve language, & u better know what habit makes(i.e. ur character). More stronger ur personality will brighten the Genex.

That is how : your words, the way you speak, your vocabulary – is an secret aspect of your personality.

See, this article has no end by analogies, Examples etc.

Pls.. read article on “Art of Criticism" for much more improvements.

Nilesh Gore.