Dont Mistake Activity For Achievement

by : Jeff Schuman

I remember watching an NBA Basketball Game on t.v one night. The Miami Heat were playing the New Orleans Hornets. Miami was all over them yet when you looked at the score New Orleans kept pulling ahead.

Bill Walton made the comment "Don't mistake activity for achievement." I'll always remember that. Just because Miami was playing hard didn't mean they were playing smart.

This can apply to our everyday lives and more directly to our internet marketing careers. As we all work hard to make money online and make money at home you should ask yourself this question everyday, "Is what I'm doing right now going to help me make move my business forward?"

I am as guilty of this as anyone. I check my email over and over clicking on the send/recieve button looking for new messages that say something like "Congratulations You Have Made Another Sale."

It is so easy to constantly log into a program and check my stats over and over. What's the point? If they do change it isn't enough to even merit the time it takes to do it over and over.

How about this one. Reading posts in forums until your eyes are blurry. That's o.k if you are involved and making some posts as well. You might as well get your link out there and posting is a great way to learn something as well as do that. But you have to post once in awhile too.

Here's the key to getting yourself past the activity mode and into the achievement mode.

Write down 5 specific things you want to accomplish everyday to help you make money on the internet. Here is an example of this.

  1. Make 5 new posts in forums

  2. Trade links with 5 quality websites

  3. Submit my article to 5 article websites

  4. Place my ad in 5 free classified sites

  5. Call 5 of my home business prospects

Now what is the key to these 5 things on my list? Well for starters they are written down. Next it is an advertising and marketing driven list.

If you aren't spending 80-90% of your time on advertising and marketing your home business then you have no right to complain when you aren't making any money. It is that simple.

You have to write down action items for the day and the majority of those action items have to be doing something to advertise and market your business.

Every one of us has different amounts of time we can spend everyday working to make money online. It isn't how much time you spend, but how you spend it that will determine your long term success.

"Don't Mistake Activity For Achievement."

Written By Jeff Schuman © 2004