by : Onaefe Umenu Edebi

To every life, there is a purpose; a purpose of will and a purpose of choice. A choice to make the right or wrong decisions and the will to act on the choices made.

There is no life that exists that is without a purpose, for everyone exists for something or someone. It may be one single act to which one is born; maybe an act of five minutes. Not so long compared to a life time you would say. But most people live their whole life without having lived-without having lived their purpose.

To many, life is a cycle-a routine, it does not end but goes on as birth to youth, youth to adulthood, then to old age and death, which would normally come after one has given birth, thereby continuing the cycle.

Now, what is the purpose to one’s life? Unless God makes it known to a man, no one can tell, but that you look deep within yourself, as it is placed within you to know your reason for existence.

A man who lived twenty years on earth and achieved his purpose for life is exceedingly greater than one who lived a hundred years and never achieved his purpose.

A difference between them is that one’s name would be written in The history as an achiever, while the other, it would have been better if he were not born.

Therefore pray to the Father-God, to make known to you your purpose for this life. And most importantly, LIVE OUT YOUR PURPOSE