The Great Underutilized Computer

by : Tony Papajohn

I am not a geek.

So I was not surprised to hear a tech expert speak about how we underutilize our computers.

I plead guilty. Not only do I underutilize it, but I regularly end up places that leave me wondering how I got there.

I’m a poet, a philosopher, but not a geek.

The expert discussed various email programs and all the things they can do that leave many of us clueless.

I guess once you learn how to do all that stuff, you use it. However, the prospect of learning is still daunting.

However, I did gain a renewed appreciation for the greatest underutilized computer of them all, the mind.

Like the real computer, a relative few realize how powerful it is and all the things it will do. Like the real computer, most of us use only a small fraction of its power.

However, unlike the computer, the mind is, at least in your editor’s decidedly non-technical viewpoint, easier to use and easier to learn.

For example, when one learns to visualize constructive images and play with them so they embody power and impact, one has an amazingly simple procedure that generates amazing results.

This is easy. Visualize yourself in a moment of success. Make the picture bigger, brighter, and move it closer in your mental field of vision.

Try it. Notice the effect.

What could be simpler?

If by ignorance or neglect, we do not use this power of the mind to work wonders, where does this power reside in the meantime?

Like the unused power of the underutilized computer, it just sits there underutilized.

It’s like having a car, but not going anywhere because we don’t know how to use it or are so foolish we do not avail ourselves.

One profits handsomely by learning to fully utilize a computer.

How much more can be realized by fully utilizing the mind, the greatest computer of them all?