There Is Room For Everyone At The Top

by : Nick Vernon

Do you believe that? Do you believe we can all become successful? Every single person on this earth old and young. Do you believe every single person can be successful?

It sounds a bit far stretched doesn’t it?

If you think it can’t be possible stop reading right now and analyze why you think like that.

  • Is it because the world doesn’t have the resources?

  • Is it because for the world to work there has to be a balance of winners and losers?

  • Do you think there would be too much competition so success for all can’t be achieved?

Anyone can be successful. We hear of the young that make it. We hear of the old that make it. We hear of people that have risen from poverty to become millionaires. We hear about people succeeding from all walks of life.

Our world does give you the resources to be all you want to be. There are schools you can attend. There are books you can buy. There are books you can borrow from your library. There is ample information on the internet both free and paid. There are seminars you can attend and the list goes on…

The resources are there.

Society doesn’t need a balance of winners and loses to function properly. The winners are the ones that have progressed our society. If there were more winners, the quality of our lives would be so much better.

If every person on this earth put in the effort to become successful, the world would be a much nicer place to live in and the quality of life would rise for all.

If there were more successful people than unsuccessful our world would not be a negative one. The successful aren’t negative people. They are inspiring, well balanced and lovers of life.

And as far as having too much competition?

Each person has their own fire burning inside them. And our tastes are diverse. That diversity has its own followers.

Success is there for those that want to reach up and grab it and make it theirs. Anyone can succeed. Do you want to?