Networking Crossover

by : Jan Fritz

As I try to explain and describe the power of cooperation in workgroups, I often get lost. Networking Cross-Over is far more easy to visualize as it has innovative and intuitive parts to turn efforts to success!

As references to aproach this area I bring the work of Carl Rogers and Harald Swedner. They made a giant effort scaling down their discoveries to its essenscial and cognitive structures, "decoded" to let us access the cumulative effects and synergies in networking with the experience being present in an designed dynamic and close encounter of a motivated group.

The interactive and reflective components in these designed meetings, force real needs to co-function instead of hidden motives and false expectations that will limit the perception. Dealing with missions more or less with "brains off" (to let EQ join common sense) may boost the process to spin-off. That is a good reason for developing network strategies.

This level is required to recognize and identify the best mix of options for any given occation. To optimize the alternatives and secure constructive attitudes, we go crossover culture, borders and branches. Your treasures need a Network!

A reflection over dynamic groups

To boost motivation and make the outcome accellerate and spin off? Have the advantage participation in a designed workgroup, supported by an extended network. This magic covers most skills used to create the best tools required to consolidate your businessplan and prepare for extensions.

People are by definition marginalized though they possess equal capacity as a referencegroup. They are not allowed to access main social arenas through sofisticated and embedded systems and subsytems producing "dropouts". The influence and power to define the codes , rules and conditions is of course all the members privelige.

That?s why we choose the strategy to ignore conventional roadmaps in favour of become aware of unexpected paths and turn hidden space visible. This approach generates far more opportunities waiting in the unknown terrain and pardoxal directories. Children got that magic finding an exiting position under a table. Hidden and forgotten space! The Crocodile lives most of the time, waiting for an opportunity to strike from its hidden space.

Lots of new ways to discover, new knowledge to share and more experience to add. The proper tools will be invented and produced as a result of the evaluation and reflection processes and methaprocesses that follow systematic interventions and actions as creating values.

A company, Prosensa, use the tool "Actionresearch" as a way to create new businessconcepts and developing new tools for marketing and motivation.