Find Shortcuts To Happiness

by : Beverly Haberman

If someone said you could feel inner peace and joy by just deciding to do it, would you believe them? Well, we’re telling you just that! Anyone can choose inner comfort, ease or a feeling of well-being by learning simple tools that will teach you how to make these decisions. Here’s a taste of one of the 6 Shortcuts To Happiness we teach at The Option Institute and how you can begin to use it now:

Being Grateful

Take a few moments to sit with your eyes closed and find a quiet place inside yourself. As you do this, begin to breathe in an easy manner. Now think of one person that you feel particularly grateful to have in your life. As you think of this person, bring to mind all the reasons why you appreciate this person, and as you do, notice how you feel. Then gently open your eyes and pick one object that is in your line of vision. Pick anything. Think of all the reasons you feel grateful to have this object. See if you can make your gratitude really big. Now look outside and decide to be grateful for something you see. Can you make your gratitude for this item huge? Notice how you feel as you do this.

We can delight, enjoy and appreciate the wonder of the world around us just by deciding. Gratitude can now be your way to short circuit discomfort, pain and fear and help you to make the decision to choose inner comfort and peace of mind.