Leaving The Tribe

by : Justin Luyt

One of my favorite authors, Wayne Dyer, uses this metaphor, "Leaving the tribe," when referring to how we, as people, seek the approval of others in society. Yesterday, as I was on my way to go for a jog, I received a phone call that brought forth this issue.

For several months now, I have been doing research on a course I wish to take to extend my coaching skills. During this period I called several companies/schools and last week I had made my choice and signed up with one of them. When I signed up, it "just felt right".

Then last night I received a phone call from one of the schools I inquired about. When I mentioned to the lady that I had made a choice to do a program at the company I chose, I sensed in her voice the change of her being. She also questioned, "What do they know about the 'spiritual approach'?" to coaching - which is what I wanted to expand my knowledge in.

I felt my stomach turn, some uncertainty rising within me. I became aware of this experience and said to myself that this is merely the "opinion of others". Self-actualizing people do not allow the opinion of others to influence how they feel about a matter, and thus I thought, "You know, I made a choice I believe in and I feel great about that choice." By not being kept in the comfort zone of the opinion of others, I "left the tribe" and it is an amazing growth experience.

Perhaps we all can follow our intuition more often and release so many of our concerns about "what others think".