Gods Name ... Creation and Undoing!

by : Edward B. Toupin

Over the past number of years, while going through my studies and research, information and answers come to the surface that are most astounding. I have come to understand things differently than I was taught in years of Catholic schooling. Although, I still believe in the "bigger picture" and "something greater", it has taken on a different tone and context. It has turned from a fearful system of faith to a confident system of knowledge and thought.

One of the many things I've thought about, as you can see from previous writings, is the existence of a single being or god --- God for many religions. Indeed, the belief of having a singular being encapsulate all of the wonders of the Universe makes it much easier to live with the unanswered questions that we're all taught to accept in faith through fear-based religions. But, although I stray, my research and questions always come back to the fact that there is one, singular being that does encapsulate these wonders --- it is the individual human being and their soul.

The soul is the wonder within us that we all tend to seek outside of ourselves. We're always looking for these "great answers" from a greater being when the answers reside within. However, this brings up an interesting myth I had heard some years ago. It is said that the God that so many religions worship has a name that is not known to human-kind. The story notes that, in the beginning, to initiate the creation of the Universe, God's "true name" was spoken. However, if God's true name is spoken in reverse, it will undo all of creation.

Indeed, few of us know God's true name because we're so busy chasing and looking for this elusive being outside of ourselves. But, looking within will show you your true God and, with that, His name is your own. In the beginning of our lives, our own Universe, our name was spoken. However, by speaking of ourselves in reverse, "speaking our name backwards", or not following our true goals and desires with the gifts available to us all, we can undo our own creation. I don't mean that you'll disappear in a puff of smoke, but your existence here on this planet will be meaningless, thus undoing the "purpose of your own personal creation".

Consider that by looking inward you can create any Universe you desire. Look inside for the creator and the encapsulation of all the wonders of your Universe. Your life can be what you desire simply by demanding of your God, yourself, your manifestations of life.