Change The Action Change The Outcome

by : BZ Riger-Hull

“If you keep on doing what you have always done, you will keep on getting what you have always gotten!" So if you don't like how things are going in any area of your business, career, life, STOP!

Think about what you want, focus in on what's important and develop strategies and simple steps you can take to do something new and achieving new results.

A lot of what we do as "normal" or "routine" is a habit, and if we don't like where we are it's a bad habit. We put off filing our bills, paperwork, information we want to keep because we'll do it later. But we can't find anything in the stacks of stuff lying around and we can't get anything done with all that clutter because our mind is stuck.

Our normal response is to dream of the day we can be organized, cut through the clutter, and come into work or home and see a clean organized desk with everything at our finger tips. But since that day seems too far off or too time consuming to create we continue with our routine and get the same results and worse we add to the frustration, that endless dragging feeling, and the cycle of never getting ahead gets bigger.

Create a new habit and make it a good one. One that moves you into action and gives you the results you want. It will take commitment on your part and it will take doing it repeatedly over time to make it a habit, but after several weeks it will become comfortable to do it the new way and uncomfortable when you go back to the old way.

Think of all the time and most importantly, energy you put into dealing with and reacting to the consequences of your bad habits. Think of the energy drain that occurs by being dissatisfied with what is happening in your life; it's tremendous, and if you put that same energy into creating your best life it would be truly fabulous indeed.

"If it just takes changing habits and sticking to them how come everyone doesn't do it and have what they really want?"

Because it takes action and it's a little scary, we know we don't like where we are now, but we know it, it’s comfortable.

A good thing to ponder; have you had enough discomfort and pain because of your routine and the bad habits you currently practice to make it worthwhile for you to change? Have you envisioned a great enough life that it's worth taking action, making the commitment to yourself, and putting energy into creating your best life?

If you haven't then settle into your routine and accept that you are getting the best results you can based on the vision you've formed and the habits you have. This action alone will change your perspective and create change in your life.

If you have experienced enough discomfort and pain then make a conscious choice to take action. Think about what's important to you, craft an extraordinary vision and create your best life. Be very clear about everything you want in your vision and find someone who can give you support, will genuinely listen to you without judgment; without creating new obstacles for you and who will support you in attracting what you really want in life.