Struggling to Make a Decision?

by : Jeremy Gossman

Every great success story begins when a person makes a decision to do something or not to do something. They make a clear decision to make a significant change.

Amidst all the opportunity in the world many people either become scattered and try to much at once or don't know where to begin.

So where should people start?

I believe people need to start with themselves. Decide what you want from this life and what you want to be.

1. What type of character traits and skills do you want?

2. What type of things do you want for yourself and family?

3. What are your financial desires for this year on up to 20+ years?

Write out as many ideas as you can for each category then select your top 3 from each category.

You will now have 9 top items. Look at each one and write why you want each of the 9 to happen.

The "Why" is the fuel for change and for you to achieve your dreams.

If your "why" is strong enough, nothing will stop you.

So take sometime today and find your What and why?

Write it down and keep it in front of you and review your list daily.


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