Self-Divine-ation ... Defining a Divine Future!

by : Edward B. Toupin

In some of my counseling and coaching sessions, my clients ask me to perform a reading to tell them their future. In many cases, my response is, "why don't you tell me your future?" They stop and stare, speechless. Of course, that sounds sarcastic and demeaning, but indeed, you know your future better than anyone else!

I am in no way knocking the psychic arts, but I'm presenting you with the fact that you have the ability to define and determine your future and outcomes as much as any psychic. "Divination for personal use" is merely a way to vocalize and symbolize that which you already know about yourself!

It is interesting to consider the future. Indeed, every decision we made and action we took in the past placed us where we are right now. As such, every decision we make and action we take in the present creates a path to a point in time in the future. Each decision establishes a series of events and situations that allow us to move forward from our current circumstances into a new set of complementary circumstances.

Indeed, every entity in the Universe maintains an established future path. However, at one point or another, these paths do cross our own. Even if it is a chance meeting or a situation that places you on a road for success with your endeavors, these are events defined by the paths chosen by you and other involved entities. But, it is essential to realize that since you can control your current actions and events, then indeed this gives you the "power of control" over your future.

Don't think that the future is easy! You must visualize your destination and desires and then task the Universe to reach your Vision. For every new future, you will encounter a new set of obstacles and challenges to enhance your character and test your mettle. It is give and take --- you task the Universe, and it wants to ensure that you can handle what you demand. But, don't let this sway you as it is part of forward movement and positive growth!

I have a little trick that I use, which seems to work well, to enhance my self-esteem and ensure that I am moving in the right direction. I task the Universe with a 10-point challenge. I pose the demand: "I expect to see 10 positive events in my life in the next month that are in line with the positive aspects of my direction and Vision." I found that demands and conversations work better than simplistic questions. However, indeed, within a month, I either see 10 positive events or I am able to find, through erroneous results, that I need to adjust some aspect of my direction. Such erroneous results are events that appear positive in the context of the path, but are not necessarily what I had hoped for in the long run. In such cases, this means that it's time to reevaluate and readjust.

Here is a small test for you. It takes some practice, but it can be done. Before you go to your psychic, examine your questions yourself and make some affirmative decisions and execute actions in the direction of your Vision. "Feel" your future. Do not reveal your ideas, evaluation, and feelings to them. If they are true, they will verify and clarify your own findings. Your next reading could be more revealing and satisfying that any one you've ever had in the past because you will be in control!

Take control of your destiny and define your future --- don't let it languish in "going with the flow". Change the course of your own river! It takes time. It takes patience. But, it can be done!