Difficult Challenges? -- What If?

by : Miami Phillips

Sometimes life can seem like one long series of unsolvable problems. I know there have been times when I would much rather find something else to do and quit whatever I was doing simply because it was too much trouble to continue. In fact, earlier in my life that is exactly what I did do. (And to tell the truth, I wouldn't change it even if I could!)

However, I think there comes a time in every one's life when we want a result. This result could be a goal, dream, or some other desirable end result that we are willing to sacrifice for but maybe we just are not quite sure how. It could be that the challenges that stand in the way seem to be too difficult to overcome.

Sound familiar? I bet we all have been there, or are there now.

First, let's agree that challenges we face always look worse the more we look at them and the harder we work to meet them. Especially if these challenges don't go away. Many times we get so close to the situation that we are unable to see all the options.

Here are some suggestions to find more options.

First: Write in a list form everything that you see facing you as a challenge or a problem. Just seeing this information on paper gives you a psychological edge over it because you are aware that you are doing something, taking action.

Second: For each challenge come up with all the options you can think of using a What if? scenario. Do not rule anything out at all!

You can use a positive What if? such as:

What if this problem did not exist? What would that be like?

What if I could really solve this? What would I do? *What if turned this challenge into a benefit? What would that look like?

What if I broke this problem into smaller problems? What would that look like?

Or you can use a negative What if? such as: *What if I ignored this problem? What would happen?

What if I walked away from it, gave it some time and came back? What would happen?

What if I gave this to someone else to happen? Would that work?

Now, you can certainly get more specific in your questions than this. With practice you will get better. Remember that your subconscious might not allow you to consider all options possible. Really work on coming up with all the options available to you - no matter how crazy they may seem.

Once you have all your options, rate them for possibility. Obviously, some will not be usable. Some will be brilliantly simple and the exact answer that has eluded you all along!

Ask for help from friends, coworkers, family or your coach to add to your option, sort them out, and implement the solutions.

The great thing about doing this exercise is that you immediately get a sense that you do have options!

And that in itself solves a big part of the problem.

As always,

Your online Coach and Friend,

Miami Phillips www.creativemasterminds.com

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