Focal Point Of Success

by : Matthew Oye Arikanki

Fortune will flow into your hands like a river flow into the sea if only you can invest a high percent of your time on a high value activity with big pay off.

I mean you can attract great riches into your life when you harbitually focus all your heart and mind on that critical action that will lead you to attaining your much cherish goal.Let me tell you, you can achieve anything in life when you concentrate all your mental and physical energies to work on one particular task that gives you the maximum result.

It was the nineteeth century economist and sociologist Vilfredo Pareto who propounded the principle that given a large number of items, a high percentage of the value of the item is concentrated in relatively few of the items.This principle came about over time when Pareto discovered that eighty percent of the land in Italy then were owned by twenty percent of the population. When you applied this principle into your life your productivity will notch up by as much as fifity percent. And you can get this done when you identify your most important task and focus singlemendely to doing it. Then delegate, outsource or completely eliminate tasks that of low value.

Do you want to succedd in life? Success begins with a clear decision. Decide exactly what is it that you want. Then commit yourself zelously to its attainment with unswerving determination. Clarity is everthing. You must be absolutely clear about what you want. Then set a goal which must be clearly written down. A goal is a deliberate selected result towards which you choose to channel all your activity. A goal is like a harbour where the captain directs his ship. After you have set your goal then construct a step by step plan that will take you to that goal. You must develop a dogged resilience to follow through your plan regardless of obstacles.

If you decide exactly what you want in life, make a realistic plan and confidently pursue that plan I tell you, there is absolutely nothing you can not achieve as Paul J. Meyer observed; whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe and enthusiastically act upon must inevitably come to pass.