Getting To The Top By Fits And Starts

by : Richard Vegas

I would venture to believe that most people have the qualities to make them a success. Then why are not more of them successful? One observation is; by not following through on actions that they started with. They have victory in sight and then do you want to know what they do?

Settle For Mediocrity!

Have you ever known someone who was full of immediate action with no ultimate purpose? Their body is moving, their hands are busy, but their destination is unclear! Even when their actions apparently seem right, they show they're not fully aware of where they're going.

Since they're not really sure of where they're going, they settle for something less than what they started after. Here's an example: You decide you need to get some area of your life under control. Maybe you decide you need to stop worrying. And, that's a good thing. That's a very worthy goal to pursue.

So, you begin to read good motivational books, you listen to good motivational tapes and you're busy as you can be to get this worry bug under your foot. But, all the time you're doing this, there is a nagging thought in your head that says; "what if it doesn't work this time?"

A Rotten Apple Will Spoil The Barrel!

In affect, what you're doing is; tearing down worry on one side and building up fear on the other. If someone says to you, how are you coming along with eliminating worry? You say, "Yes, it's going great!" And then you say, but, you know I heard they are going to be laying off a lot of people at the plant and I'm afraid I may lose my job.

What have you done? You showed "worry" the door, and invited fear in to play footsy with you. And, believe it; fear will cause just as much havoc as worry. They both come from the bottomless pit, and have no business in our thoughts.

Listen, even if they are going to lay off a bunch of people at your plant, you can't do a thing about it by fearing it or worrying about it. If it happens, deal with it then; NOT NOW!!

And, don't tell yourself you can't stop worrying because it is too serious of a matter and could devastate your livelihood. !

For Crying Out Loud!

If you believe that then you're saying that nothing bad has ever happened to you without you first giving it a real good dose of worry before it happened.

I tell you right now; many lousy troubles have happened to me, right out of the blue, and I never spent ten seconds worrying about them beforehand. I didn't even know about them. The point is: if troubles are going to happen anyway, we need to know how to deal with them. And, worry and fear is not the way to do it.

Every Dog Has Its Day!

You have never fixed anything in your life by worrying about it. If it got better, it's not because you worried about it; it's more than likely because you didn't settle for mediocrity and insisted on full victory. And, sometimes good things just happen. Hallelujah!

Now you can understand why some people's actions seem directionless at times. They put all their efforts towards eliminating one obstacle while setting up another. They're like the proverbial "unstoppable object hitting the immovable object." And, then on the way to success, they stop somewhere short and settle for whatever is there at the time.

Most of the time, you can be relatively sure, it was some emotion that stopped them short. It was an emotion that started them and it will be an emotion that stops them. Emotions are a funny thing: They can fuel us with enough fire to leap tall buildings, and at the same time, make us feel like it won't happen until pigs fly.

A Fine Kettle Of Fish!

What a revolting development. What do we believe? What do we do? No wonder some people seem directionless in their pursuit of their goals. No wonder some people just settle for mediocrity in mid stream just to satisfy those conflicting emotions and shut them up. And, it's a pretty good way to boast success since we didn't follow through to see what would ultimately happen.

I'm thinking of too many times in my life as a young man that I stopped in mid stream to take what ever was there and stop the feelings that kept saying; "if you keep going you might not get it; better take what you got now." You know that ole saying, "a bird in the hand?"

I didn't want to hear that bird in the hand crap. My head said that to me so many times I was beginning to feel as lucky as the only man in a women's prison with a fist full of pardons. Talk about directionless; and settling for mediocrity.

Ah! That's Where The Rub Is!

The problem is: someone can get into a habit of "settling", and then that's the real source of the directionless and out of control life. As long as we live in this world, we will have opportunities to "settle" for something of mediocrity.

The more we "settle" the more of a habit it becomes and the more we sub-consciously start expecting a "settling point." We don't think about it and we certainly don't start out with the intention of finding a place to settle. But, when it shows up, and the "bird in the hand" voices start their song and tap dance on our forehead, we say, I know when to hold em, and I know when to fold em, and its time to fold em.

The point is: it's not a bad thing to fold em if you can walk away ahead in the game. But, if it becomes an ingrained habit then the folding point will start showing up earlier and earlier till you find yourself folding right after the start.

Get To The Bottom Of It!

How do you know when to fold? This is not rocket science. It's pretty simple really. Ask yourself a couple of key questions. Can I walk away ahead? Has this thing given me something of value? And most important; has something else presented itself in my life that I can replace this with?

For me, if any one of these three questions are "no", then I'm not ready to fold em; especially the last one.

Would you like to know why we settle for something less? This is not really difficult to understand but it might be hard to accept. So pay attention, and at least give this some serious thought. Don't let the simplicity of it get away from you. The reason is, we don't know "how" to fix it.

If we knew how, we would keep going. If we knew what to do, there would be no need to settle. If we knew what was going to happen in every circumstance, we would not worry! We would never worry. Think about it. The lack of knowledge.

Richard Vegas ©