Having the Attitude I am the Greatest!

by : Rondell L. Demmings

While trying to ignore my teen daughters rap music a thought came to me. Whoever the rap artist was that she was listening to, is very positive about him self. He was negative about the women in his life, he made negative statements about the police but when it came to himself he was very positive. He used “I" statements, “I am going to be rich by the age of 24." He visualized all the material items he would like to manifest such as cars trimmed in gold, houses and yachts. In his music he was claiming his success.

As a child I remember Muhammad Ali shouting, “I am the greatest!" No matter what Howard Cossell said Ali would still state he was the greatest! This is the attitude that successful people have. They walk the walk and talk the talk of success. They feel success through their mind, body and soul. They envision what they want and manifest it into reality.

In order to be successful you have to have the attitude of being successful. How are you going to accomplish your dreams of success if you can’t even envision your dreams coming true? You have to feel good about yourself in order to obtain the dream that you are pursuing. Whether it’s a dream of career transition, material gain or just the dream of peace of mind. You have to have the attitude of I am the greatest! In order to achieve whatever your heart desires.