Coping With Having a Small Penis

by : Jonas Swensson

If I meet an angry man, somebody who is truly angry without a reason, I often wonder if the cause might be something as simple as small penis size.

I off course talk from experience of growing up with a tiny (as I discuss in my small penis size website), and I was angry about it. I was angry towards god, I was angry towards my parents, I was angry towards the world.

Think about it, this is what makes us men. This is what differences us from women. And the bigger the penis is, the more of a man we consider us to be.

Even if this is not conscious, this is underlying reality we have. Least for men who have small penis, like I did.

But the real problem is not having a tiny. The real problem is having low self worth. The lesson we were given to learn when we were given a small penis was to face our lack of self worth. We have to learn to base our self worth on our self as a person, as a human bean, not on how much money we make, how beautiful of a partner we have, how big of a house, or car, or our penis size.

We are not angry because we have a small penis. We are angry because we feel impotent. We feel less than other.

Before I managed to make my penis bigger by using some exercises, and self-hypnosis (see my penis size solutions), I started to face my low self worth. Before I saw any real changes in penis size, I saw changes in my social live.

Women I would have been afraid to talk to approach me. Situations where I would have been angry and hostile became happy and joyful. Not because my penis grew, but because my self worth grew.

I didn’t have to be angry, because I didn’t feel as impotent. I didn’t have to be shameful about my self, because my self worth was not based on my penis, but my character, me being part of the human race.

Enlarging my penis only seemed like a bonus. It was like living in a low class block, but being happy there. You don’t have to move to a big house to be happy, but if you do your live might become even better. And I managed to make my small penis bigger, but first I became happy ;-).

This is the attitude you have to have about enlarging your penis. If you think big penis size is going to make you happy, then you are basing your self worth on your penis, but not your self. Get happy first, and then enlarge your penis.