No Ifs, Ands Or Buts

by : Pat Pollina (aka PCNana)

If we could choose right now, this moment, how we would live,


Knowing, that the only way we could live the way we choose, is to be who we truly are...

Would we?

Your true self - do you know your true self?

Here's a secret: who you truly are is a wonderful, warm, remarkable person, caring, kindhearted, unselfish and giving. Say hello, then become best friends with yourself. See only that which is good and you'll like yourself and never mind being alone.

You'll never be lonely if you're true to yourself.

Knowing this - realizing the wonder and potential of YOU...

Would you commit yourself to a goal? Would you consciously feel each step you take, and honestly enjoy every footprint you make along the way?

Never mind the rainbow at the end of the pot of gold, or is it the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? Never mind it. Enjoy the moments as they arrive, the colors of that rainbow, the green grass under your feet on the road of your journey, how you'll cherish the feel of that gold (or goal).

If you think hard enough about it, isn't the journey itself the true adventure? More so than the arrival at your destination. And, if so, then why not just enjoy the anticipation of the present moment as it melds into the next moment, and the next, and on into infinity. Isn't this the way we can connect to all of life?

Now, if you would truly enjoy the journey, And, yes, take each moment as it comes, then you would be choosing how to live, each moment would be your choice.

Isn't that what Life is all about? We don't have yesterday. It's gone forever. We can't change the past. We have no control over it

Tomorrow is not in our power to perceive or conceive. We can think about it, plan for it, but why do we? We do not know how we will act tomorrow, until it becomes today.

We do not need to worry about any emergencies or situations that might come up tomorrow. We can only deal with what we are given today.

The only way you can make today reach into tomorrow is to make this day a success, by doing all that you can, all things great or small, important or trivial, in the best way you can.

Today is the day.

This is the moment.

Live it

with no ifs, ands or buts!