Does It Really Matter?

by : Robert Taylor

We are all involved in this game called life and we will have our challenges and successes. One thing that will have great bearing on our attitude and lives is how we treat those challenges and successes.

Have you ever had one of those days where nothing seems to go right? What was your reaction? Some of us shrug off the petty things and some react violently. But do those things really matter?

There is a way of looking at those things that greatly smoothes the bumps of life you encounter. When something frustrating, aggravating, challenging, infuriating and (you can add to this list) happens, use the following thought to control it:

"A few minutes, an hour, a day, a month, a few months or years from now, will this have really mattered?"

Looking at things from this perspective you will often find that it really wouldn't matter, so why be upset about it right now?

In other words, if it would not make a difference at a later time or date, it probably doesn't make any difference at this particular moment in time. Realizing this, you can go on to have a truly wonderful day and life.

By giving this some serious thought, you can see that the majority of things that bother us are truly petty in nature. They only become major when we react wrongly to them.

The next time you encounter one of these bumps in the road of life, pause and think to yourself, "Does this really matter?". You will be pleasantly surprised at the betterment of your life.