Each Moment Is To Be Treasured

by : Robert Taylor

Let us grasp and treasure each precious moment of our lives. The previous moment is gone and the next is on its way. In truth, all we ever really have is this exact, precise moment in time.

It is what we choose to do with each moment that determines what our future will be. This moment, now, is in our power. We use this moment to decide what we will do in the next moment, and it flows into the next moment.

We have no power over what has already happened and cannot foresee the future. Take the lessons learned from past moments and apply them to the current moment. Forget all the rest because it is in the past and nothing can be done to change it. What we do now will have some effect on our future, however we cannot predict the outcome with any degree of certainty.

In view of the preceding, take each moment as it comes and squeeze it for all you can get out of it. Even the most dreadful of times are bearable when taken one moment at a time.