Why Autoresponders are an Absolute Must

by : Glen Hopkins

With autoresponders, you never have to lose money advertising again! That's right, every ad you place from now on can be a winner -- even when you lose money!

I know, I know, you're thinking, "Okay, now you've lost it Glen." But I haven't. Let me explain.

Let's say you place an ezine ad, which costs you $200. and you make $20 for every sale made. If you make 8 sales with the ad you will earn $160.

Gosh, you just lost $40. That's a bad ad right? The answer to that depends on how you wrote your ad. Let me show you how losing $40 can actually be a win.

When you create your ad, don't advertise directly for your product. Advertise something that will "bring them in the door". Freebies like this mini-course, sweepstakes or items at exceptionably low prices work well.

The job of your advertisement is to create leads. That is, to get the readers e-mail address with permission to follow up Yes, that's that one to one marketing thing happening again.

Using autoresponders that automatically follow-up will give you the ability to set up a completely automated follow-up system for your product or service. You can use three, eight, or even thirty e-mail follow-up messages to generate sales for your product.

Instead of only having one chance to sell your prospect, you can have thirty opportunities to sell them -- all for the price of one ad. Which do you think will make more sales?

Marketing guru Jay Levinson figures the average person needs to see an ad twenty-seven times before it has the desired impact. Twenty seven times! Now you know why you see Coca-Cola everywhere you look.

Okay, so let's do the math again. You paid $200 to run your ad with a link to your automatic follow-up system. Let's say you send seven follow-ups. You made $160 on the first ad. Don't forget what the guru says -- the more a person sees an ad, the more likely they will buy. But for argument sake, let's say your conversion rate stays at $160 per follow-up. $160 times seven follow-ups equals $1120. Now you've made a profit of $920! Pretty cool isn't it?

Try to use some element of viral marketing in your offer. I give this mini-course away for free to people who sign up for my ListOpt List Builder Program and I allow you to give it to your friends and even offer it to your prospects in your ezine or on your website as something to "get them in your door".

Yes, that's right, you can offer this mini-course to your prospects for free when they sign up for your ezine. All you have to do is give them this link (mailto:ezinemoney@fetchreply.com) in your welcome message that you send out when they subscribe to your ezine. You could say something like:

"Thanks for subscribing to MyEzineName. You will receive your first issue shortly... blah, blah, blah...

As our gift to you for subscribing, please send a blank e-mail to mailto:ezinemoney@fetchreply.com Within seconds,you will receive for free, the marketing mini-course, "The 7 Secrets of Making Money with Ezines".

Best regards,

Your Name"

This is a win-win situation.

You Win because:

You offer people this mini-course which will increase the number of people who sign up for your ezine and will drive traffic to your site.

Your Subscribers Win because:

You gave your subscribers this mini-course which will not only teach them how to make money with their ezine, but also they can use it to produce more traffic and sales at their web site. This my friends will please your customers and create loyalty (which is another win for you).

And I Win because:

A traffic virus is being created with this mini-course! Wow! A win-win-win situation. Everyone is happy.

To sum it up, using an autoresponder follow-up system with an element of viral marketing will reduce your advertising risk. If you have a traffic virus in place, then your ad will continue to work for you for many years to come.

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