What can make You a Fantastic Internet Marketeer?

by : Max Clixel

You've probably know many answers to this question: a good marketeer palces links, bad one - don't, good one makes surveys, bad one - don't, etc. All of these answers are right, but there is one key difference.

I'm gonna share it with you. In a moment. But let's start with a story first.

Do you remember that story about Henry Ford creating a 6-cylinder engine? If not - do a search - it's a great story to learn. What was his key to success?

Well, probably good intuition, and I can't argue with that. But the point of the story is that he persisted on something nobody believed. Nobody else believed it is possible, but he insisted.

And his persistence paid up. So, the secret component in Internet Marketing is persistence. And persistence makes amounts.

For example: one link in your forum signature can make you 2-50 visitors (that wouldn't make you any money probably, however nothing is impossible). But if you participate in 100 even not-very popular forums - you're gonna get 200-5000 visitors. And if you sell something for $50 that's gonna make you on average $100-$2500.

Do you see the point here? Let's take a look at it in different way. Let's imagine that you're exchanging links. If you exchange with only 10 sites (which seems to be not very hard) - you're gonna get some amount, let's say 10 visitors per day. And now imagine exchaging links with 1000 sites - that's 1000 visitors. How to get thousand link partners? Well, get 10 each and every day and in 3 months you'll have a thousand.

And thousand links for search engines is way to understand that your site is relevant. It's pretty argueable point, but that's how Google, Yahoo and many others think. So that's how a marketeer should think. So get links and many of them. You know that's needed to be done, but why don't you do that?

Do you know that you should post your articles to many sites? But why don't you do that?

Be Persistent! I can't stress that enough.

One of the biggest mistake of newbies is that they try something for a day or two, see no result and stop doing anything. That's WRONG! Continue to do something for at least a month to see results, unless you have a million dollars to spend and nobody will ask where did it go. I doubt that's possible nowadays.

What to do about that? Here is the plan:

Ask yourself: what would be the best to do in next month that will get ABUNDANT result in future? Write that! And do that! Do you need to write 100 articles? Do that! Nobody's going to do that for you, unless, again, you're too rich to do that.

Success is waiting for you, just be a lot more persistent. Remember, failure sometimes is a last step left to a great success. Many rich people will tell you that. Go ahead and ask them. And probably they'll agree that you MUST be persistent in your goals.

1. So set a goal today 2. Start to do it 3. Don't analyze results until you have done really massive result.