Where to Post and Read Articles Online

by : Abdallah Khamis Abdallah

The internet is one of the best depositories of informative articles especially on business, marketing and writing. These articles can be a very invaluable source of knowledge and information for starting and growing your business. If you are a writer and wish to see your articles published or read what others have written then the internet provides good forums for you to satisfy your needs.

Publication of free articles on article databases, ezines and other websites is a highly effective and long-term traffic generator.


It is in an inexpensive and targeted marketing method for attracting visitors to your website. However, you need to write a substantial number of articles or regularly write and post the articles in relevant high traffic article databases and ezines to be more effective.

There are very few lists of article databases or websites which accept articles submissions for publication and in this article I attempt to list a few prime websites which accept articles for free publication. New websites come up every day while others are pulled down after some time so to get maximum exposure, post your articles to as many sites as possible, save the articles on disk and print the articles and file them for your own reference and record.

Where to Post Your Articles Online
Before posting any of your articles, read the submission guidelines on every website you wish to post and follow them if you are satisfied with them. Some of the websites that will publish your articles for free (without payment to or by you):


Most of the websites above will check them for suitability and conformance to their requirements before publishing your articles. 

To enable people to visit your website
include your full url in your bio/resource box below each of your articles so that readers can click on it to go straight to you website. Now, visiting your website is one thing and buying what you provide on your website is another. You can have over one hundred thousand people visit your website in a month but none buying anything from you.

How to Make Money on Your Website?

  • Are you offering a unique item or service?
    Uniqueness need not be absolute but do you offer something new, refreshing or useful?
  • Does it solve a common problem or satisfy a common need? This and many other questions need to be answered by you and acted on. Provide gifts, feebies, special offers and free content such as free articles and ebooks to attract readers to your website and to make them buy from you.

The above listed websites can also provide you with useful articles written by others, news and forums to assist you with information to enhance your personal and business productivity and possibly enable you to place advertisements for high visibility and attention.

Some of the listed websites are part of large networks of websites and posting your articles may lead to the articles to be syndicated in a few other websites and ezines. Others are visited regularly by ezine editors , publishers and webmasters looking for new and useful articles to publish and they may pick and publish your articles. All these serve to increase the exposure of your articles and by extension your name and website url.

How to Know if Your Articles has been Published?

  • To know where your articles have been published, go to www.google.com and type the title of your article in quotation marks ( “ ” ) in the search box and search.
  • To know where all your articles have been published go to the same search engine and type your name as written in your articles in quotation marks and search.

Do this at least every two weeks and you will find that your articles have been published on many ezines and websites. However, the results could be at times disappointing. If your articles do not contain useful, fresh, how to, problem-solving ideas or are not interesting to editors and webmasters, they might be spurned and will not be syndicated.

So start today to write and post articles to the above websites and ezines to receive high exposure and traffic to your website.