The Intellijeune Factor Helps Relocation Decisions

by : Otto Weizman

Many people with a desire to live overseas have difficulty in deciding where to go and are sometimes in search of help in making their decisions. Cultural and other activities frequently play an important role in the decision making process. One useful parameter to consider when deciding on where to live and work, I term the 'Intellijeune' factor.

Intellijeune is compounded from the English (or French) word 'intelligent' and the French word 'jeune'. meaning youth or literally young person.

The intellijeune factor or ratio is the ratio between the number of university or college students and the total inhabitants. Whether you are thinking of moving within your own country or of living abroad, the intellijeune ratio can be a useful parameter to consider.

The availability of higher education facilities benefits a city and its area in many respects. Not only is the visitor more likely to be exposed to young people and be able to interact with them on a higher intellectual level, but the community benefits too. Cities with a high student population are more likely to offer lively and diverse nightlife and cultural events.

Some students will remain in the city after their studies, thus helping to ensure a more stable economic future for the area. It might be dangerous to equate higher education with financial acumen, but that is my assumption.

That in short is the intellijeune factor. Could it be important to you in your decision making on where to live and work?