Keeping Feet One Step Ahead

by : News Canada

(NC)-Foot care is essential, even for those vacationers relaxing at beaches and resorts. If taking the occasional walk on the beach or a leisurely swim in the ocean is the extent of your vacation activity, be sure to listen to your feet. Toby Saltzman is a freelance travel writer and editor and publisher of the travel website, The following footcare tips are Toby Saltzman's "steps" to live by while vacationing in a tropical locale:

  • Always wear shoes or sandals while walking on sand, in order to prevent foot injuries from hot sand and objects that may be hidden beneath the sand

  • Be sure to apply sunscreen to feet while basking in the sun; the skin on the feet is very sensitive and needs to be protected against the sun's harmful rays

  • When purchasing sandals, be sure to buy ones that are comfortable and have plenty of arch support to prevent common foot problems such as tired, achy feet and corns, calluses and blisters. If common foot problems do occur, be sure to relieve discomfort by using over-the-counter products, such as Dr. Scholl's? Cushlin? UltraSlim Blister Treatment, to keep your feet healthy and happy

  • Be sure to wear protection on your feet. Fungus infections, which are responsible for Athlete's Foot, thrive in warm, moist environments including pool decks. If you already suffer from Athlete's Foot use an over-the-counter anti-fungal cream, such as Dr. Scholl's? Athlete's Foot Cream Once-A-Day Application, to eliminate the infection

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