Tanjong beach

Many have claimed that this is the best beach by far. Peaceful even on weekends, Tanjong Beach has clear water, golden sand, plenty of palm trees to lie under, and little shingled shelters. Perfect! I suggest you skip work and hit the beach on a weekday. This way you'll have loads of privacy and the beach is pretty much yours.

Tanjong Beach however, comes alive at night. It has hosted for several Ibiza and Zouk Out parties. Funky beach bar, “km8”, with its DJ spins sounds jungle music, and grooves on bongos and steel drums.

Tanjong Beach Sentosa

What makes km8 the ultimate beach bar is clearly its 7.3m by 3.6m jacuzzi set on a raised wooden deck - a first for beach clubs in Singapore. The place to spot hot babes and sizzling hunks.

How to get there?

From Visitor Arrival Centre, take the Red, Yellow or Tanjong Beach Line bus.