From fashion houses to the “who’s who” of celebrity lists, they have all had their locks graced by his skills and nimble fingers. Ethereal-beauties Maggie Cheung and Gong Li, fashion icon Kate Moss and famed hair-chameleon Linda Evangelista are all part of his client lists. And it’s even harder to stand out behind these famous faces and brand names. But to be able to rise in an industry known to be behind-the-scenes and drenched with talent speaks volume of Kim Robinson. Known for being a much sought-after hairstylist, he has further lent credit to his own salon here, named KR +. While you may not have his fingers running through your strands, you know your hair is in safe hands. Known to have stylists handpicked and trained by the guru himself, KR+ provides luxury hair makeovers at affordable prices.

Set in ever-chic Millenia Walk, KR + is a picture of clinical serenity. With a minimalist décor resonating through the hair space, there is understandably no need for them to impress you with interiors. White walls, black seats, wall-to-wall mirrors and lots of silvers make up for this concept parlour. It gives off an almost ‘no-nonsense’ aura. And no-nonsense is the exact way to describe your hair, once they’re through with you.

Using products from Goldwell, the stylists here are as creditably talented as their predecessor. Separated into two teams, your hair needs will receive the specialised treatment that it needs. No worries of ‘what ifs’ here. The consultation period is longer than most, with the advices churned out befitting of your look, your needs and your lifestyle. Beauty and comfort take higher priorities here. For cuts, you will be entrusted into the good hands of snipper specialists who are non-conventional in their views. Ever so meticulous with their scissors, there is a sense of comfort knowing that you are not the only who wants you to look gorgeous. And the aim here is to ensure that your hair will grow out nicely, without you having that I need to cut my hair now feeling, a month later. As for colouring jobs and curl desires, the chemical specialists will be on-site to dispense what is needed. From colours to suit your skin colour and after-job treatments, your locks will radiate with tones of red, gold or brown. It sounds technical, but that’s how they work. Incorporating passion with skills, they take your follicles as seriously as you do.

While they bear the name of an institution, the prices are not as outrageous as you will expect. Set at $75 for all hair lengths, gone are the worries of having to gauge what you will need to fork out. And when you know that your hair will remain gorgeous 2 months down the road, you know this is worth every penny. On top of that, the salon practices a satisfaction-guaranteed policy. Unsatisfied customers can come back within 10 days for the same treatments, only without any cost this time around. Confidence in pleasing soars higher here than the US dollars post- depression. On top of that, there is a strict no tipping policy, where all tips will donated to their chosen foundation. Never has beauty and charity go hand-in-hand so stylishly like this.

Ultimately, the KR+ salon is not just another name in a world drowned by endorsements and hearsays. While there are risks of incompatibility elsewhere and also the much-dreaded high frequency of salon visits, KR+ is the dream for anyone seeking to look fresh and up-to-date with just a flick of the hair. After all, beauty is not something to be messed around. And when your worries can be soothed by one name and his army of talents, the writing is pretty much already on the wall.