About The tour
Chinatown extends over a fairly large area, and so, a main route has been planned to help you capture the soul of Chinatown, while two extensions offer a more in-depth perspective. Beyond just the main attractions, all the routes also give a glimpse of the daily life of the people here. If you can’t afford the time, get a general overview by visiting the high points we’ve indicated in our various summaries.

Best Time of Week to Go
Weekdays – set out early around 9am or later in the afternoon, when it’s cooler. Many places of interest close at about 5pm so don’t set off too late.

About 2 hours for Route 1: Extension 1 (additional 40mins) and Extension 2 (additional 30mins).

Dress Code
Most places of worship require modest dressing. Women are advised to wear long skirts or trousers.

Rest Stops
You’ll have every opportunity to take breaks, at the host of local coffee-shops, snack shops or eateries along this route. Sip on a cool sugar cane juice, or indulge in an endless choice of sweets, treats and local meals.

Chinatown Walking Tour, Route 1
Chinatown Walking Tour, Route 2a
Chinatown Walking Tour, Route 2b

Written by:
Singapore Tourism Board