Zouk Singapore

The Zouk vibe has taken on a more party paradise feel, as opposed to the almost-cold stone structure it used to be. Having gone through renovations late last year, the warehouse building carries off the aura of Greek tranquility, with sun signs being placed on the walls and pebbled structures being erected sporadically. Naturally, the place is still built for a good party time with ample space given for dancing and platforms taking center stage, right smack in the middle of the hall. You will definitely feel like you’re on an island resort, albeit with rooftops.

Oddly-shaped and brightly coloured chairs line the perimeters with low seats being available for those who really just want to people watch. A display screen that plays off light works is hung on the wall to add to the street factor seen on MTV. And ultimately, there’s the elusive Velvet Underground. Famed for housing the most gorgeous crowd ever and the who’s-who of almost any industry, the allure of Velvet is undeniable. Its sinful Garden of Eden theme will send hints of envy, beauty and glamour pulsating through the system of any Velvet virgin. At its barest forms, Zouk has it all laid out for you, particularly if you’re slightly schizo when it comes to your personal identity.

Zouk Singapore

Reaching full capacity almost every night, it is hard to believe that this is the same club that has been around for so long, while others have gone down faster than your tequila shots. The festivities still ride high here. To categorise the gragantuan amount of 'Zoukies' is the equivalent of trying to fix a square into a circle, and we are no magicians. Safe to say, the place is a free-for-all. Staggeringly multi-faceted, the main segregation for these party people can be seen in the different rooms. One thing’s for sure, these nocturnal creatures, despite where they choose to go, usually come to impress. So be prepared to see the most stylish people around and leave those wife beaters at home, unless they’re paired with a lot of bling.

The drinks quality within the complex is never compromised, even during the mad rush for one-for-one deals. Word of caution, though. Opportunist streaks surface in the face of cheap offers, so getting staff attention will be quite the feat. Along with that, the Wine Bar, famed lounge bar of the media crowd, leaves questionable doubts in the throats of any vodka or bourbon purveyor. The disparity between Wine Bar and other rooms can be quite jarring, with the former risking being too diluted or too strong at times.


Undoubtedly, this highly-listed party central is known for their ill-est parties, having brought in big names like Paul Oakenfold, John Digweed and famed duo Groove Armada onto their decks before. But that being said, their resident DJs can still hold a candle to the celebrity spinners. Aldrin, Brendon P and Andrew Chow have garnered enough street cred to have a religious following, and this is rightfully so. Churning out tunes with nuances of familiarity, and taking it on a whole different level with their moments of brilliances, they are forces to be reckoned with. Coupled with a superb sound system, they will lay out a soundtrack so wicked for your night, that you have no choice but to groove it out amidst the sweaty bodies.

Truth be told, it is hard to pinpoint where the main allure of Zouk lies in. Many factors come together to form its winning formula. Maybe it’s the way it manages to retain its cool-yet-accessible factor despite all the hoo haas that have been given to them. Maybe it’s just the way that they only seemed to get better with each party and each year.  Whatever it is, being considered as the gauge meter for every new club that opens up speaks volume in itself. That, plus every other factors coming together, means that Zouk is still the definitive of club monsterism. So yeah, while you may get distracted by the newer things out there, Zouk is still the casa you will want to return to.

Written by:
Aslinda Khanafi