Enough with all the hunky men and body hugging shirts that they adorn, let us get down to where it matters – stuff for us girls. Elegantly named “Rose of Asia”, the range for women is fun, boisterous and exudes a youthful vibe that has proven contagious. Launched in 2004, this special “women-only” section was born, and hosts Brazilian brands like Salinas , Blue Moon and many more.

If seeing a wall full of colourful and sometimes outlandish bikinis is your idea of heaven, then you would absolutely adore the NewUrbanMale (NUM) Heeren store. A note of caution: there is nothing conservative or predictable about their collection!

With over 100 different designs available, you will be spoilt rotten at the variety of choices that you get to make. Flaunt your bikini and parade the local beaches in the crazy designs imported by Rose of Asia that exude much character and individuality, without fearing that you might run into someone else with the same get-up. From the cutesy strawberry prints to the black and white designer graphics, and even elaborately added details like sequins on some, women of all ages should have little difficulty in finding something to suit their individual images and lifestyles. Those who prefer one piece swimsuits can also select from the range that features distinct cuts and designs like no other you have seen in other swimwear shops. One of the friendly staff even swears that the cutting of the swimwear is tailored to make the girls look slimmer and better. True or not, you better be the judge of that!

Targeting young beach-lovers, the Rose of Asia range complements their swimwear selection with a variety of chic NUM leather and canvas bags that also come in all shapes, sizes and colours, and other accessories like colourful beach slippers, jackets and summer hats. In addition, there is also a comfortable yet fashionable sports range to suit those with an active lifestyle. From soccer jerseys to sporty singlets and shorts, this is definitely the gear that you can adorn to make you look and feel good when you are working out that sweat.

Also available at the other branch of NUM is an extensive array of t-shirts, pyjamas and bags that are quirky and eye-catching. Just like their bikinis, the myriad shades of colours that are spotted on these items are just as lively. General themes of bohemia and the rolling good times are reflected throughout the line and are irresistibly attractive. Besides stylish vintage shirts that highlight popular cartoon characters like the Strawberry Shortcake and Carebears, there are also those that feature cattish humour that are splashed proudly across the chests. Maybe it is to release of the inner child within the individual, or perhaps it is just to appeal to those who love novelty. Whatever the motive is, these shirts have successfully started a craze amongst the local crowd who simply cannot get enough.

Usually unisex, the NUM shops are perfect for couples who want to shop together, with a guys and girls section within the same shop space. If you are looking for a present for your guy friend, there are heaps of young and often good looking NUM chaps who will be willing to give you their two cents worth of advice on appropriate presents for men.

Engaged in a clever play of colours, NUM looks to be more than just a space selling colourful clothes, but is one that encourages women to embrace a whole new lifestyle that revolves around vibrancy, boldness and most importantly, individuality.

Written by:
Hildra Gwee