It has a charming nostalgic appearance, commonly brushed off as run-down. With a zinc-like casing and blocked units, the shops at Aerial Plaza are probably Singapore ’s biggest secret. Don’t judge a book by its cover as this place comes complete with cult brands, designer labels and interesting handicrafts to complete its quaint appeal.

Connecting passers-by between Clifford Pier and Hitachi Towers , the bridge has a personality that can only come about with age. With an aura reminiscent of a 70s local film, you can almost imagine the lifestyle of dated days. Made modern with the presence of a Watson’s outlet, it has a coffee shop which is highly popular during lunch time and family-ran stores that handle the sale of antiques and tailoring.

However, the interesting factor to note here are the fashion shops that offer brands that are equivalent to those you can find in Palais, Forum and those that are only available overseas. So before you hit your ebays and your online shopping directories, it’s best you take a trip down this memory lane first before going into a click-happy mode.

  • Dreamcoat
    One of the first or last shops you will come across, depending on where you come from, this shop is easily dismissed due to its simple interior. Fuss-free, the space is randomly lined with clothes, jeans and belts. However, its simple image serves more to be a defence-buster if you know what lies in store for you. Bringing in clothes from brands like Seven for All Mankind, Ed Hardy and Rock Republic , the shop sells what will cost you hundreds at a price that is much more affordable. Already a big rage amidst celebrities in the States, these jeans are known to be great compliments for any figures while adding a lot of style and sex appeal to the wear.
  • Nature’s Treasures
    Thai imports galore will greet you here. With an enticing array of turquoise jewellery (a must to turn a blah outfit into va-va-voom) and stylish bags that are fit for the glossy prints of a magazine, the treasures here are reasonably priced. While the quality is not anything to be raved about, you can say the designs are sufficient enough to justify the purchases. After all, with some TLC, anything of dubious quality can go a long way.
  • MyDreamz by MelM
    Helping things up in the bedroom and by the poolside, the exclusive lingerie and loungewear available here are sensual and brightly coloured. From a sexy nightgown to a tastefully spicy bikini set, body worshipping comes at a price that does not justify the designs. Hailing all the way from Brazil , the land of beautiful bods itself, the swimwear here come in different forms such as tankinis and boy shorts. All the better to help cover what you’re conscious about. Along with that, there is an array of fitness wear brands that are hot in the States but not commercially available here such FitnessFit and Fit Couture. A one-stop shop to make sure you get that taut stomach for the courage to wear that itsy-bitsy bikini.
  • Carved Collection
    Fans of couture lines but has only worshipped from afar, should pay a visit to this joint. Attractively decorated, the shop brings in direct pieces from manufacturers of names like BCBG, Marcs Jacob and Dianne Von Furstenberg. Due to the deletion of a middleman, the prices there are greatly reduced to beyond belief. However, be warned that most of these pieces come in small quantities, so if you see it then, get it immediately. It’s not often that a Miu Miu dress goes for sale at less than a thousand and chances are you’re not the only one who knows your labels.

Having been around for a while, word has it that this alley is about to go through renovation at the end of the year. Appropriately so considering how long it has been around and its extremely modern neighbours of One Fullerton and the CBD area. However, the owners here mentioned that they will probably just move down to Change Alley, next down so you need not worry about getting your couture fix at bargain prices.

Written by:
Aslinda Khanafi