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Education in Singapore for Expatriates – Guide to Singapore Education

5 Characteristics of Debt-Free Singaporeans
1. Paying Attention to Details You can improve your situation with a change in perspectives. Imagine you make half, a quarter of what you do and formulate a budget with it. Debt free people live on much less than they make, this allows them to b ...

Education in Singapore, Singapore Education
The education system in Singapore maintains its position as one of the best systems in the world. In addition to the country’s economic and political stability which makes it a safe place to learn and grow, schools in Singapore are very well equipp ...

Millennia Institute: DeterMIned, DynaMIc, and DoMInant
In our pragmatic and meritocracy-based society, the paper chase is a never-ending and highly competitive race. Lingering at the crossroads after the GCE ‘O' Levels while deliberating entry into junior college, one may not realise the existence ...

Singapore pre-schools
In a city-state that prides itself on stressing the importance of education, it is heartening to see so many options available to expat and local alike in Singapore . For parents there are many wonderful options available in the Lion City that will e ...

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